When in doubt, first check KSE. Since its establishment, KSE has acquired a substantial knowledge in extensive fields of application. Customers of KSE products have always benefited from this knowledge by selecting the right solution within the KSE’s portfolio. KSE provides working solutions with a high degree of flexibility and expandibility, fully tested and pre-installed. Ready-made: find here the full portfolio of ready-made solutions for Sheet metal working, HVAC and other fields of application.
> Solutions
Sheet metal bending Sheet metal punching Cutting line + transfer Press transfer Roll feed Coil winding Linear flying shear
Hairpin bender Fin press/die Straightener/Cutter Vertical/Horizontal expander Return bender Crossover Nipple bending and cutting manifold drilling/closing Coil bender Brazing
ISO general purpose 1-2-3 axes, open/closed loop, +/- electronic cams Spindle control Gantry control Rotary cutter Palletizer Flexographic machine Packing/Packaging
Ad hoc solutions: when the situation requires ad-hoc solutions, KSE works with its customers for the definition of features and performances. Contact KSE for more info and prices.
“With KSE we have been able to set up and run our new production line in less time than expected, and since then everything is operating smoothly” Johanna Stringberg - Axia Metal
Solutions Get the most from KSE experience and save time and money.