KSE-CIO: IO expansion unit. IO expansion for the connection of PLC I/O devices and machine control panel DIN rail mounting 8 IO for unit, up to 8 units for expansion Cascade link for multiple expansions (max 8) KSE protocol, CanBus, Profibus
KSE - CIO Digital Inputs: 8 for unit Digital Outputs: 8 for unit Shape: DIN RAIL Expansion units: 8 max Microcontroller: AT89C51CC01 Application memory: 24KB*8 PLC memory: 8KB*8 USB: 1 standard COM PORT: 1 RS232/422/485 Can bus: up to 110 nodes Expansion Bus: up to 8 units
> accessories
K4EA: 4-encoders adpater. Adapter for connection of 4 encoders. To be used with 37-poles custom cable.
KSE-OPT/OPT 5V-HS Iin/out Voltage: 10V-5V - 30V/24V DC Input current: typical: 1mA, max: 3 mA Input/output isolation: > 2500V AC Input/output isolation resistance: at 500V DC = 1MOhm Output current: continuous 3A, peak 9A Output resistance: typical 0,05Ohm, max0,09Ohm OFF-State leakage current: 10µA ON-OFF switching time: 1,66 - 5,0ms OFF - ON switching time: 0,15 - 3,0ms Operating temperature: -20C° - 85C°
KSE-OPT: solid state opto relay. Solid state single relay with high current capacity for DC electric valves and inductive loads up to 3A e 32V max.
CNC accessories KSE accessories are made to expand and improve the performances of your KSE control.
IO expansion
KSE-CM40P FL: 40 poles terminal adpater. 40 poles terminal converter for IOs/Controller connection.
KSE-CM37P SD: 37 poles terminal adpater. 37 poles terminal Converter from male SUB-D for IOs/Controller connection. To be used on the KSE-PCA controller with a SUB-D male/female flat cable.
Limit switch