KSE CNCs KSE controls are made to adapt and customers will always find the proper size for their applications. KSE controls have found their way in the most diverse fields of use, from basic metal turning and milling, to dedicated HVAC machines, to paper and plastic processing plants. KSE controls are suitable for retrofit as well as for OEM equipment and always give a competitive edge wherever they are installed.
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What all ISO KSE Controls have in common... Find here all the common features of KSE ISO CNCs. No matter the size, KSE controls always offer the same level of comfort and confidence.
Local and global link. Data,   programs   and   configurations   are   easily   transferred   and   updated using   the   USB   and   Ethernet   interfaces.   USB   can   be   both   master   and slave   for   PC-CNC   and   CNC-USB   stick   data   transfer.   The   ethernet connection    is    used    for    local    connection    and    word-wide    remote assistance
File manager per applicazioni e dati. The KSE controls can manage many different applications, and for each application different configuration and data can be used. Retrieving and launching an application and loading the proper data is just a matter of seconds with the windows-like file manager.
Soft PLC for maximum performance. With   its   soft   PLC,   KSE   provides   more   functionalities   without   additional costs. A free SDK for the PLC AWL language is available.
Standard ISO programming for immediate usability. When CNC are inserted in a working environment, re-usability is a must. The KSE-CNCs run ISO programs as well as custom applications. In the programming environment, operators will find all the common ISO code and functions.
Ready-to-use applications. Applications for the most diverse fields of operations are there to be used. KSE offers its vast know-how and experience to expedite the development process. On request, KSE hard-codes the application using proprietary solutions.
Up to 16 axes/spindles. With its exuberant resources, KSE controllers can control up to 16 axes/spindles with all the sophisticated interpolation functions needed in top-class products.
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