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KSE-3A Monolithic CNC with ISO interpreter Dedicated sw versions Keyboard with special keys Soft PLC with AWL programming I/O interface based on KSE protocol for the connection of I/O devices and machine control panels Up to 3 axes/spindles
KSE-3A: a true workhorse. The KSE-3A is a CNC with soft PLC for asynchronous axes, ON/OFF hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves, etc. The KSE-3A control can handle 3 encoders and 4 DAC output channels, with one channel reserved for a spindle and is expansible with KSE-CIO boards. Includes a file manager for applications + data.
KSE3A CNC - 3 axes/spindles - General purpose and dedicated solutions
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1AC X2 closed-loop application with origin shift table.
1AC X3 closed-loop application for a turning axis with IO expansions.
1AC X4 closed-loop application for a turning axis, with optional IO expansion with double program input.
1AC X5 closed-loop application for single axis with G54 command (origin reposition) from photocell.
1AC X6 closed-loop application for a turning axis with IO expansion and double input.
2AC X1 closed-loop application for 2 axes.
2AC X2 application for linear axis + turning axis with optional IO expansion.
123 closed-loop application for 1-2-3 axes with/without speed override.
68AFXBG application for a flexo machine.
AP application for grab feeder, 2 speeds with electronic cam.
AVR application for press roll feeder with electronic cams + steps average calculation.
AVR-BOT application for roll feeder for a punching bench with measures optimization from tech. drawing.
AVR CD application for a press roll feeder with electronic cams + DAC management + PLC-controlled auxiliary DAC.
AVR GP application for a press roll feeder with electronic cams + punch steps calculation.
AVR-ZZ application for a press roll feeder with electronic cams.
CDC application for intake manifolds stopper.
CRV single axis crossover application, 1 open-loop/closed-loop.
ECY4 application for a laminator with separator with 2 PID thermoregulations.
FFT application for hairpin bender for pipe bundles.
GY application for gantry with 2 closed-loop axes.
ISO ISO interpreter with 3 closed-loop axes + DAC.
LFM T1 application for pipe cutter-bender.
SPINDLE application for spindle control.
PAL application for palletiser with 2 open-loop axes.
RTT application for pipes straightening machine/cutter with downloader.
SFZ application for a coiler.
TP1 application for pipe bender/cutter.
TVL application for a linear cutter/puncher.
TVL BOT application for a puncher on carriage.
TVL P application for cutter.
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