KSE-PCA: a CNC with an attitude. KSE PCA is a flexible and modular control with graphic display and QWERTY keyboard ables to match  the most demanding needs of automation up to 16 axes. Its hw architecture with CPU and boards hosted in a separated cabinet makes it easily adaptable and scalable and suitable for multiple axes systems and machine-centres. The ISO programming language makes it a perfect solution for complex applications as well as for legacy products. The KSE-PCA can connect to other controls through Profibus, Ethernet and as master/slave of PLCs. All axes and I/Os are controlled by the integrated PLC.
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KSE - PCA CNC with operator-panel, modular rack and ISO interpreter Dedicated sw versions QWERTY keyboard with special keys Compact Flash card, USB and Ethernet interfaces Ethernet interface for connection to local network and global service Soft PLC with AWL programming I/O interface based on KSE protocol/CanBus/Profibus for  connection of devices and control panels Up to 16 axes/spindles Window-based GUI and file manager
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KSEPCA CNC - 16 axes/spindles - General purpose and dedicated solutions
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2AS application for 2 synced axes/2 closed-loop axes.
3AC1AA 3 closed-loop axes + 1 open-loop axis application for cutting line with 6-station transfer.
8AA application for 8 open-loop axes.
A7TF 2x3 closed-loop axes application for roll-feed + transfer + 1 closed-loop axis for unstacker with electronic cams.
AVRZTF zigzag press roll-feed with electronic cams with Z-B + C-Q axes.
CFA88 8 coilers + 8 rolls application.
FORAC Boring-machine + manifold driller + puncher application.
FORC_Z hairpin bender application.
FORACOL 3 closed-loop axes + 1 rotating open-loop axis + 1 spindle application.
ISO ISO interpreter
LFM3 nipples cutter + bender, 3 tracks, 3x2 closed-loop-axes application.
LTS cutting + punching line application.
LTSL cutting + punching + circular saw blade application.
LTSO cutting + punching line with measures optimization.
MEO push + pull electric horzzontal spindle + 2 check benches.
MIV_C hydraulic, vertical spindle application with B-axis feeder.
MIV_CA hydraulic, vertical spindle application with B-axis feeder.
MIV_CA2 hydraulic, vertical spindle application.
PB 3-axis application for battery bender.
TRB synced turning cut line application.
WALL boring line application.
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